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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Time flies!!! I bidded goodbye to 2009 in the hospital with QF, SL and Ana as QF was hospitalised on 31st Dec morning when I send her to the hospital on 30th Dec nite.. What a way to welcome 2010!!!! I suddenly felt alot after QF got admitted into the hospital!!! Its not where you celebrate this yearly affair.. Its about everyone being healthy!!! As the saying goes! Health is Wealth.. I think I had finally understood the meaning. I have finally uploaded the xmas eve pic on facebook. Now I am left with the pics we took in DBLO!!! That was the last night of the year's clubbing session with all the khakis!!!
I promise I will upload them soon and at the same time do up my 2010 resolution!!! Been running in and out of the hospital and seriously do not have the time to do all these! Gonna put on my thinking cap and start working on my 2010 resolution!!! Have you done yours? If not better be fast!!! Or do you think you need to review some of the goals? Think about it folks!!!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks to my best cousin, my new blog skin is up and running...
I will start my entry soon so as to not let her effort go to waste.
Next I need to fix my tagboard and start my entry..
Its almost a year since I start posting and writing blog.. Need some time to get back the momentum..

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Monday, January 26, 2009


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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Someone texted me this morning "enjoy the last of 2008". I start ponder a bit.. Do I really enjoy the year? Thinking back what have I done the entire year? What did I achieve? What have I not done enough? Where and what went wrong that causes things not turning out to be what it should be..

A new chapter a new beginning awaiting to embrace me with the biggest, warmest hug! There is nothing I cant bear to let go.. I just want to put away the past.. I will not carry this baggage to 2009.. Goodbye 2008.. Whatever is gone will remain as learning and memories be it happy, sad or with injury. I look forward to a greater 2009 to walk the my journey with the people who heart me and likewise I heart them..

My 2009 resolution
1. Take bus/train to work every morning
2. Complete all my modules by August 09
3. Spend more time with families and friends
4. Spend less and save more
5. Cut down on smoking (impossible to quit)
6. Keep my heart free from hate, my mind free from worry
7. Live simple, expect
8. Be less temperamental
9. Always remember two things. Don’t take any decisions when angry. Don’t make any promises when happy.
May the way that lies ahead be lit with sunny gleams and prove to be the road to fulfillment on your dreams.May it lead you to the place where lost hopes are restored, where love is true and life is good and faith has its reward.May the year ahead be the year for you!!!
I wished I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hohoho.. Before the clock strike 12mn I better do a quick update..

Merry Christmas to all.. It was a rainy Christmas eve.. But i believe all of us enjoyed the night with our love ones.. Those who went for the BBQ thanks for being there and sharing the joy and laughter together..

Now i am looking forward to 2009.. Hopefully a better year.. Now no mood to update leh.. I will update over the weekends.. Got some long due pic haven load but actually loaded all in fb le lah.. hahaa..

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gonna have dinner with my besti and also SF for pre-xmas dinner and x-change.. lol.. I believe tonight's dinner is going to be a fantastic dinner with the nice ambience and food.. Will upload more pics when i am back tonight..

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm losing faith in situation i'm in and things that I do..
Well I guess its just another down time where i had that mood swing again!
I hope to keep the faith while I walk the path to reach the stars!
You love someone, but you like someone else
Your minds speaks, but your heart denies...
Someone listens, but someone else comforts...
Someone prays, but someone else consoles...
Someone says, but someone else's actions speak...
Someone laughs, but someone else understands...
Someone just tells, but someone else makes you do...
Someone is there, but someone you want is not...
You search for someone in someone else...
Is this a beginning of Love, or is it the end?
A time comes in life when you think what love really is?
What you think is love, or is it something else?

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey hey.. Happy Depavali to all... How did u spend ur holiday? I came home in the morning at 6am from St James powerhouse, dragonfly and Nana... Not too bad.. Enjoyed my last clubbing session before I settled down for my report and revision for mid term... Gonna start my report in a while.. Just wanna steal some time to pen down some tots..

Was chatting with D on msn and he was telling me that his doggie left him today and he was really upset and couldnt accept cos it is just like a daughter to him... He couldnt accept the fact that his beloved doggie just left that way and he tells me perhaps it is better cos doggie will not feel that pain anymore! This bought back memories of granny.. Bought back the times when we see her in such great pain when she was still alive.. I guessed I can never experience the kinda pain she gone through but I know granny is a strong women when his husband left him.. She takes good care of us when we were young.. Its been more than 1.5 years but she has seens then live in my heart and was never gone.. Its just that I never get to touch her and see her again! At this instant, i'm tearing cos I miss u granny... I wanna hear u telling me u are well and happy in heaven watching all of us...

Some more picture uploaded from photofunia

I will always speak from the heart
I will speak every word as our last
I shall have no further regrets
When someone I love has passed

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am back with some nice pictures.. Haha.. Actually some of these pictures have been posted before liaoz lah.. Just with some edit from

Give it a try if you have time.. Fun and its a IN thing now!!! haha.. Really lazy to upload my Hong Kong Trip picture here le. Anyway its on Facebook for a long time..

I'm gonna admit that I have been sOOoooo super busy recently.. Been a month since I sit down to blog le... Been busy with the audit and launching of some new system, spend a lot of time.. Since I am back from Hong Kong I haven been able to really rest well and as usual I fall sick again.. Sry.. Wondering if its because i am getting older and body is weaker le... Or perhaps really burnt out.. School assignments are really killing me for the past few weeks in addition to all the work from office.. Finally completed 2 group assignment and 1 individual assignment.. One more group assignment and mid-term test to go before final exams! Guess what I am left with only one month to prepare for exam.. This semester seems short.. No time for alot of stuff and catching up with all my frenz.. After exam in Dec, I'm gonna make sure I plan my time well so that I can catch up with my frenz.. lol..
Ok whats next! Oh my Friday program!!! Hmmm... Initial plan was to go Night Safari but due to the unforeseen whether we decided to have a plan B where we can eat and talk.. Had dinner at ECP Tung Lok and drinks at some chill out place there with my classmates.. As we are walking along the park we decided to settle down at this particular pub so 8 of us walked in.. Drink menu comes.. Dont have the beer that we wanted, so another fren suggested the other pub where the Hoe Garden is on tap so more clear.. So we chiong out of the place.. Then walk to the other pub.. Scarly all of them went in and left 3 of us smoking outside and talking... After smoking while heading in we saw the 6 of them walking out and leaving the place.. Sid was telling me the place do not have the ambience to drink.. Shit!! So "ma lu" right. Walk in and out from 2 pubs within 10 mins.. Best part is we couldnt find any other "better" place to go so we went back to the 1st pub.. When we are about to order the drinks there is this waiter that came and say "a you all are back"! OMG!!! So pai seh.. And he say he can recognise all of us!!! We were like... hmmm ok!!! hahaha... But still overall it was a nice outing and we had a good time laughing away...
Tonight another party awaiting for me at St James!!! haha.. Got so many assignments undone.. Mid term test next week and I have yet started preparing and here i am going to St James tonight!! No choice lah..Already promised Cal I will be there and if I don go he will sure kill me de.. Go awhile then come back rest.. Tml need to start my revision le.. If tonight got take alot of picture then i will post online again!
Guys enjoy ur holidays!!! Muackz!!!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Yawnz.. I am so tired.. no time to upload all the HK pic into the bloggie... will do it some other dae le.. was trying to do my report then again no time.. aiya my head got too many thing le.. just came back from my cousin wedding dinner not long and so funni lor.. all the oldies were drunk.. lol.. lucky i didnt sit with them if not tml sure cannot make it to work. The F1 have given me a big headache... need to take train and walk a long distant from cityhall.. no bus to take must pack sardine with some many ppl on the train.. sianz.. tml need to reach office on time cos big boss coming... going to bed le.. night night.. muacks..

12:30 AM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guess what!! I'm so screwed now!!! Was suppose to fly back to Singapore this evening at 8.15pm and WE MISSED OUR PLANE! Damn it.. When we reaches the gate, it was closed and the crew did not let us in even thought the plane have yet take off!!! DAmn screwed!!!!
The service in Hong Kong is really lousy plus all the services that I have been getting since dae one when i alight was not pleasant at all.. I dont think i would like to come back to Hong Kong again! We need to re-book the flight ticket (= waste more money!)and now waiting for the first flight in the morning which is 11am. All of us are so broke and tired now we got to stay in the airport to wait for the plane which will take off only at 11am tml.. Still have lesson tml.. Gonna be dead beat.. I am going to take some rest now! Shall update over the weekend when i am free.. Gonna have lots of work to do this weekend...

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I had too little time and too many thing to do.. I wanted to give a good update before i leave for my hong kong trip but don think it is feasible anymore.. Its already 3am in the morning and i have yet catch some sleep.. so HOT weather... Gonna hit off the bed for an hour then have to wake up and start preparing liaoz..

Goodbye my love wo de ai ren zai jian... I am off to HONG KONG and will be back on Mon midnight!!!

Eat and shop.. yeah!!! Finally a break from studies and work..


2:45 AM

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh bumble bee is back for an update le..
OKi I am going to Hong Kong in 3 days.. Morning flight at 6.40am lorz.. don know how to sleep.. tml and wed got lesson.. Haven pack luggage then got alot of work in office undone.. Then got report to be submit for school assignment.. Oh gosh, I got the most thing to do.. The trip didnt come at the right time.. =(

However, I cant wait for Thurs to come cos I think i need a get away from work.. Feeling a little moody and down with work.. Haiz menopause again.. As usual.. It happens every now and then de lah.. I hope i can do a last update before i go to HK...

Oh, I wanna thank u for helping me make the purchase for the journal.. 8-)


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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Been sick for a week and the medication doesnt seems to work well on me.. Sore throat getting worse and cough is getting even more bad... Sigh... Cough syrup gonna finish le.. Dont know want go see doctor again or not.. so broke this month.. I must get well in the next 2 days cos school starting this coming week.. Suppose to have lesson on Tue and Wed.. But the first 3 weeks lesson on Tue was changed to Sat from 3pm to 6pm.. damn it.. What kinda funni hour is that.. Not 3 not 4... Thinking of skipping the first lesson for this sat cos need to go trim eyebrow then going back to dblo again.. This time round going to celebrate qf bdae... See how first still got time to think about it.. Cos i don want to miss too much lesson.. The week that I am going to fly to Hong Kong will be missing one lesson le..

Ok back track a little.. Fri chalet was so so nia.. It was for my boss farewell... As usual la.. Ms Liu is drunk... Everyone doing their own activities.. Sleep, eat, bbq, mahjong and of cos Doug's favourite past time.. Drink drink and drink.. They basically just pour the entire Vodka into the 7up and pour to make everyone drink.. Left at 12 plus to sent the drunk cat home and Lawrence car hit onto a pole and was disfigured... But not v bad la.. Cannot realli see de...

Sat went to shop for slipper and sling bag.. In the end I bought like 8 panties lor and one slipper lor.. Haiz.. What a waste of money.. Lucky i use the vouchers that I had.. If not sure broke until don know like simi...

Sundae was suppose to be a beautiful morning where I wake up and shower to meet fren for dim sum.. Some spoiler just jump the gun and ruin my entire Sunday.. But I manage to watch the DVD ps I love U.. Not still reading the story book lor.. Not bad leh.. Cannot stop reading.. Cos wanna know the ending mah. But after watching the show I think i will take some time to complete the book le.. lol...

I got the pic from best cousin for the dblo we went 2 sat ago.. ok let the pic do the talking.. I am tired le.. Going to turn in earli.. Think i am old le. Now v early jiu tired le.. I am just sick....

To somebody: whatever has past is gone.. Look forward to a happy life ahead of you.. No point harping onto something that is not meant to be... =)

Jack (as usual) trying to con ppl to drink
Need not intro u know who she is
Black and red

Huimin, Rong and Agnes

No need to intro too.. The forever drunk cat

Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mates

9:54 PM

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I have a few entry to update actually but was really busy with work.. Since I went back to work I stayed in office everydae till late lorz.. Reach home not long ago... No life leh.. Haiz but its ok lah.. I am alone..

Guessed I had too much drinks over the past few weeks le.. Now falling sick le.. Sensed something wrong with my throat yesterdae noon and this morning realli feel uncomfortable so went to see doctor le then return back to work.. Haiz sick le also cannot rest lor.. Anyone pity me ah??? Just had medicine hope I will be well soon... Gonna fall asleep after taking the cough syrup..

Program lining up:

Thurs night dinner having 7th month dinner at yishun. I missed that last year cos of my exam finally can go this year.. haha...

Fri going chalet le.. So cannot fall sick..

Sat program tbc... Likely shopping...

Sun going for dim sum...

Now is pix time.. Went to DF 2 weekends ago to celebrate Agnes bdae.. Thanks for inviting us.. Had fun there.. And it was a good catch up with Neville.. haha.. I heard he puke after drinking with us.. We kept feeding him with liquor thou.. But eh i also drink alot lor.. Hope the gf is not angree... and the most funniest thing is my cousin fell down then got a pool of ppl trying to help her up.. Aiyo but i think i was sitting down there with suling and laughing.. so fun.. =)
I still have my dblo pix to upload... Will do it soon after best cousin send me..
Now tired le.. Going to sleep.. Good night.. Muackz...

I like to act cute when i'm high.. The evil queenie me

Why my smile is so werid?

Extras!!! I only wanted to take pic with Char

Best cousin loves chix wing

Oh soooOOooo cute

Neville, Besti, Best cousin and me

Ladies in black

Best cousin

Rong, Agnes, Qf and Me

Rong, Agnes, Qf, Me and Tim

And yes this is the first time ever I go clubbing with CH lor.. She always don dare to go club with us cos she scare that we make her lose face when we are drunk and talk and laugh loudly.. But this is what makes us so lovable... Actually she loves us alot.. But also want to act hard hard nia.. lol =)

I heart my cousin.. But where pr arh???

Bestest Cousins

Life does not care abt what we want... just abt what we need

10:39 PM

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fridae was a tiring dae.. Cos I had to rush for movie with mum at AMK hub.. Wanted to catch the 12 Lotus with her then she was telling me sae she heard ppl saying money not enuff is very funni.. And obviously she is telling me she want to catch that show lor.. So what happen leh??? I booked for the tix and catch the 4.15pm de.. Finish le rush back home and head down to bishan to meet Mr J for dinner... Went down to Nana after dinner with J at bishan...

Overall not too bad.. Funni yet touching.. How many mothers would really forgo her life to save her childrens or grandchildren??? Perhaps NOT every mother is brave to do that but how many of us actually understand and feel what our mother went thru??? Take some time to ponder on this...

Pic at NANA

Before going out for hair cut - Finally the china doll is back.. wahahaha...

Supper after Wed night exam at Newton Circus...

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